Being a Dentalphysician

This website is devoted to all the dentists that have recognized the strong connection between bite and health. In particular it is devoted to Alread Fonder, DDS who wrote the book the Dentalphysician. The knowledge and understanding of the connection is still seldom found among dentists today. Being a dentalphysician is at the apex of understanding of the complex interrelationships found in life.

It has been the goal of my career to elucidate this connection and make it more believable. A large part of the broad impact of bite on health has to do with the influence of bite on “substance P” levels. Substance P is a neuropeptide (neurotransmitter without an uptake mechanism) that was discovered in 1931, yet not investigated significantly until 1980. The medical community has not as yet recognized the influence of bite on systemic substance P levels (it is due to the high density of C fibers within the trigeminal nerve- one hundred times more dense than any other nerve in the body). With elevated substance P, there is elevated inflammatory propensity and generalized hypersensitivity of all sensory neurons (hence loss of homeostasis). These conditions are the underlying cause of many illnesses.

The strong connection between bite and health is demonstrated in the large number of studies showing patients with TMJ have very high medical utilization rates. These studies also demonstrate the broad influence of bite on health. More recently, there is abroad connection being found between periodontal disease and numerous illnesses.

Bite imbalances primarily impact the body through the trigeminal nerve, the sensory nerve to the face and scalp. Due to the close proximity of the trigeminal to the brain, bite disturbances are a major influence on multiple systems within the central nervous system. This is but another way that causes bites impact health so dramatically.

To all the aspiring dentalphysicians, and those currently being a dentalphysician, I am always available to assist.

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